Introducing TouchPico

Interactive Android projector
with touch interface and wireless streaming.

Shipping June 2014.


Voted Top 25 Launches at CES-14!

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A new way to experience your PC

Technology that changes lives

  • Android Projector

    Pico projector with embedded Android 4.0 processor, Wi-Fi, SD memory card, HDMI input, audio output and wireless mouse support. With the size of smartphone and brightness of 100 lumen, you can use it almost anywhere.

  • Touch Interface

    Unique Touch Pointer features accuracy of touchscreen and sensitivity of pen. You can convert any surface into a whiteboard. Calibration process takes on 15 seconds!

  • Wireless Streaming

    Stream any application from your Android phone and control it with phone's touchscreen. Or stream from your Mac or PC using mouse. Wi-Fi router required.

Help transform learning experience at schools

Community Program

We are inspired to make whiteboard experience widely accessible for every teacher in the world. We are working hard on TouchPico Pro - fully integrated Android interactive projector with 400 lumen brightness (good enough to fit classroom). Advise us if you want to use TouchPico Pro for education or edutainment purposes and get the early demo-set at a special price.

If you have any special request beyond PC app, reach us at